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Fun, sunshine, playtime and a warm bed!

When your family pets need to be away from you, it is important for you to know they are being cared for as you would care for them

Peak Hill Boarding Kennels has first class accommodation for your dog

From their warm in winter/cool in summer night time beds to their daily runs in the very large exercise yards

If your dog prefers to cuddle into a crate filled with warm blankets, then a crate will be provided for them

If they prefer to lounge on a raised trampoline bed, then this is what they will have

Whilst we will not run any dogs together not from the same family, your dog will still have the opportunity to say hi to other dogs from a distance. Dogs are social beings and to be left in seclusion would not make their holiday a happy one.

So your dog can choose if they want to have contact with their neighbour on the other side of the fence, or if they would prefer to spend their fun time playing on their own it is your pets choice

We will never run a small dog alongside a very large boisterous dog. Your pet must feel safe at all times so we manage their accommodation with great care and thought

No bullying is allowed at Peak Hill Boarding Kennels – even from those on holiday!

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